What are Consumers Doing on YouTube?

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Although it might look simple, our society is very complex these days. Technology has developed a lot in the last several years, especially in the online field. That’s why the consumers or the clients are smarter when they are in need of an online service. Some people are using YouTube as a source of information. The rules are quite simple. If you want to purchase a new phone, you can easily watch an unboxing and a review tutorial on YouTube. If you’re looking for a SEO or a Web Design service, you watch a YouTube video promoting a company. That’s how YouTube works these days.


What You Should Search on YouTube?

Instead of searching for funny YouTube videos or movie trailers, you can do something better on YouTube. Although sometimes it might be fake or just another method of promoting a low-quality product, every day new videos are uploaded to YouTube channels just to attract the attention of consumers. As mentioned above, before purchasing a smartphone you will definitely want to search for a YouTube unboxing video. However, this method is helpful for both the customers and for the producer of the smartphone. It has been shown that people tend to purchase a new smartphone immediately after they've watched an unboxing video. On the other hand, you, as a consumer will understand how to use the smartphone that you want to purchase and what the design really looks like.



How Reliable YouTube Videos?

If you are watching YouTube videos vs Twitter followers as a consumer and you’re doing this because you want to see if others are satisfied with the same product that you want to purchase, you might get yourself tricked. Some YouTube reviews might also have been done by the companies themselves, using different channels. Luckily, the likes and the dislikes system will help you to decide which YouTube video is reliable or not. Most of the reviews from YouTube are done by people who have experience in the field that they cover. As an example, there are special channels with people who are reviewing phones, laptops, PC’s and other electric products, for the sake of the consumers, of course.



The Reasons Why Consumers Tend to Visit Social Network Websites

First of all, everyone has a social network website these days. It’s easier to see what other people are saying about a product before purchasing it. Secondly, you can finally have the opportunity to see how the product that you want to purchase really works. You can easily notice the benefits and the disadvantages of owning that product. The consumers are no longer spending time visiting stores in order to test the products that they want to purchase. Now, as a modern consumer, all you have to do is to watch some YouTube reviews in order to decide if the product that you want to purchase is good enough or not. Moreover, the price and the quality should also be considered, but if you’re smart you won’t have any issues:

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